Addressing Mental Health, cooking and nutrition with the Wholesome Collective

Have you ever heard about good and bad gut bacteria? 

Are you aware of how this bacteria impacts on your mental health? 

Did you know that around 90% of serotonin is actually produced in the gut?

Diet and mental health is not something that we often hear much about. However, there is increasing evidence that suggests that improving your diet can have significant positive effects on your mental health.

On this episode, Nathan speaks with dietitian, diabetes educator and sports dietitian Kerryn Boogaard, as well as a home economist and community health educator Mary Wills. Together, Kerryn and Mary have formed the wholesome collective. They travel to various communities and groups throughout NSW, teaching people how to cook and educating people on the importance of a healthy, nutritious diet. 

Cooking is not only an important skill, but it can also help to put us in the present moment and some even consider it a form of therapy.

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