Addressing Depression

What is Depression and why are so many people suffering from it? With Depression on the rise globally, we want to uncover the reasons as to why this is. Is depression simply a chemical imbalance in the brain or are there numerous factors that are causing more and more people to suffer from depression? Join us as we seek to uncover the root causes of depression.

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Addressing Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what happens inside your body and brain when you experience anxiety? On this episode, we address what anxiety is and how it affects you. We talk about our experiences with anxiety and convey important information that can help people to better manage their anxiety and move forward with their life. 

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Podcast Pilot Episode

This episode we let the world know who we are and what we want to achieve through this show. We discuss how mental health is something that is vastly under looked across the globe. We cover statistics on mental health, analyse the treatments and services that are available and how we believe they are heavily underfunded and failing to meet the communities expectations. Far too many people across the world are suffering from mental illnesses and too many people are taking their own lives because they feel nothing can help them. We know that our experiences and knowledge on mental...

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