Bio - James Grimas


My name is James Grimas and I am one of the proud founders of Addressing Mental Health (AMH). I believe that every one of us has a part to play in the struggle that is poor mental health.

For me I’ve battled mostly with Anxiety that has come and gone in my day to day life and I’ve found my ways of dealing with whatever battles I have to face. My motivation for being a part of this team is less for my gain and more to help my close friends, co-members and partner Lillian.

Being a bystander to the hard ships they have faced has opened my eyes to just how little people know about mental health. Working closely with Nathan, I have had multiple opportunities to witness what poor mental health can do to a person both mentally and even physically.

Just like our listeners I am constantly learning about mental health and the many forms that it takes, the stigmas surrounding it and what we as a society are doing about it. Through this organisation I hope to contribute to breaking down stigmas and push the message of the importance of mental health to as many people as possible.